A Journey Among Travellers

QTR CD07-98

A Journey Among Travellers is one of a number of pieces written by Donald Bousted in collaboration with Kathryn Bennetts and Peter Bowman. Their project, which has involved the formulation of quarter-tone fingerings for the recorder has been published in the form of a manual, The Quarter-Tone Recorder Manual (Moeck Nr. 2084) which prepares the advanced player for the performance of structured quarter-tone music.

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Click here to hear Kathryn Bennetts and Peter Bowman play an excerpt from "Sonata" from A Journey Among Travellers by Donald Bousted

Journey Among Travellers

Flights of Fancy

QTR CD06-03
In Manus Tuas Domine - John Baldwin
Pertaining to Trees - Geoff Cox
Fantasia 1 Orlando - Gibbons
Fantasia 2 Orlando - Gibbons
Puff Adder - Maud Hodson
Fantasia: Il Lamento - Thomas Morley
Fantasia: La Girandola - Thomas Morley
Al di Là del Buio - Emanuela Ballio
Fantasia 4 - Giovanni Coprario
Tricorder - Mark Bokowiec
A Duo - John Baldwin
Duplicator II - Vítor Rua
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Click here to hear an excerpt from In Manuas Tuas Domine by John Baldwin from Flights of Fancy
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Kathryn and Peter Play the Recorder

Music by Michael Wolters


The Voyage (2012)
She Stays (2000)
My Own Step-Song (1998)
Shakespeare Songs (2010)
Deutsche Volksweisen (German Folk Tunes) (2011)


Antarctica Duet
Kathryn und Peter Durchqueren die Antarktis (2003). The picture, right, shows a cross-section through Antarctica, along the route to the South Pole taken by Scott and his party.

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Cross-section along Scott's route to
the south pole



"The performances have a timeless quality... Wonders on so modest a scale tend to be in short supply these days."

The Wire

"Bennetts and Bowman are a truly incredible pair on recorders - the sounds are uncanny, wild and a million miles from your expectations. Bousted's music has great elegance, wit and charm"

The Newsletter of
the British Harry Partch Society

"Remarkable recorder music ... made such an impression ... really new and significant ... breathtaking, edge of seat atmosphere ... totally gripping and convincing

The American Recorder

"Their intonation is superb and their tone is well-matched. The recording is compelling and ought to hold a place in every contemporary recorder player's collection."

The Recorder Magazine

"Bereits beim ersten Hören wird deutlich, dass Bennetts und Bowman ein fest eingespieltes Interpretenpaar bilden. So findet man ein optimales Gleichgewicht zwischen den beiden Instrumenten, eine Selbstverständlichkeit in der Verwendung von Vierteltongriffen sowie eine Präzision im zeitlichen Verlauf. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit zwischen Komponist und Interpreten ist eine überzeugende Fassung entstanden, bei der die Intentionen des Komponisten voll zum Ausdruck kommen."

Zeitschrift SAJM (Schweiz)

"The sonorities of the tenor and bass transported the listener to a different plane of consciousness." (….)

"The recorder playing throughout the evening displayed musicianship and virtuosity of the highest order along with the adventurous and challenging programming we have learned to expect from this outstanding duo. I came away with a sense of privilege at having been present at the first performance of 'Two Lines'… "

The Recorder Magazine
Autumn 2007


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