Time Pieces

Four volumes for descant and treble recorder of arrangements from medieval to modern. Selected for the Associated Board.

By Kathryn Bennetts and Peter Bowman.

Quarter-tone Recorder Manual

By Kathryn Bennetts, Donald Bousted and Peter Bowman

Written in 1997 and published by Moeck in 1998 (Edition 2014) the Quarter-tone Recorder Manual is is celebrating its 20th birthday.

No title

The Quarter-tone Recorder Manual

Dr. Downing’s Recorder Technique Doctors

By Peter Bowman

No title

Baroque Recorder Anthology in 4 volumes

By Peter Bowman and Gudrun Heyens

Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 1: Schott ED 13134

30 Works for Descant Recorder and Piano (Telemann, Purcell, Hotteterre, Lully, Handel, van Eyck, and Daquin

Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 2: Schott ED 13135

32 Works for Descant Recorder and Piano (Telemann, Purcell, Delalande, Corelli, Carr)

Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 3: Schott ED 13324

21 Works for Treble Recorder and Piano (Telemann, Hotteterre, Marcello, and Chédeville)

Baroque Recorder Anthology Volume 4: Schott ED 13325

23 Works for Treble Recorder and Piano (Handel, Marcello, Telemann, Caix d’Hervelois, and Bach)

No title

Schott World Music Series

English Folk Tunes for Recorder

Selected by Peter Bowman; CD recording by Kathryn Bennetts.

Irish Folk Tunes for Recorder
ED 13568

Selected by Peter Bowman; CD recording by Kathryn Bennetts

No title

Renaissance Recorder Anthology

A four-volume anthology of the very best renaissance pieces, arranged for descant recorder and harpsichord or piano. Complete with teaching notes, composer biographies, and information on renaissance dances.

32 pieces by Byrd, Susato, Phalèse and Dowland.

Selected by Peter Bowman; CD recording by Kathryn Bennetts (recorder) and Yeo Yat-Soon (harpsichord).

Volume 1

Renaissance Anthology

Volume 1

Listen to Kathryn play Number 62 from the Irish Collection: “A Woman and Twenty of Them”


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